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There are a lot of different ways to help you learn a language. Classes and textbooks are great for the basics, and grammar, but there are other more dynamic ways to improve your skills in a foreign language. Here are some resources that I’ve found helpful in learning German.

Listening SKills:

Watching TV or listening to the radio are both excellent ways to get practice comprehending a language. Here are some links to check out.

Myspass is like the German version of ‘Hulu’. The site offers many different TV shows which can be watched in their entirety. Stromberg, the German version of the office, is also on Myspass. Check that out at the following link:


Surfmusik is an internet radio directory. From here you can find a number of different internet radio links. Radio 7 out of Ulm is the one I listen to most often.


Presseclub is a Sunday news talk show that can also be listened to online.

Netflix can also be used to watch German-speaking movies. There are a lot of different films from varying genres available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Writing Skills:
Meeting a pen pal from the Goethe Institute is one of the best ways to improve your German. People visit the Goethe directory with the hopes of meeting people to practice their German or English. As an English speaker, it is very easy to find a pen pal.

Practice Exercises:
This is a place to find a number of different online practice exercises.

Reading Skills:
Visit these prior posts for a list of different newspapers and magazines to visit.



With that list you should be able to find a few resources to strengthen your German-speaking skills. Please comment and let us know of other sites and resources you use to improve your skills.