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This is the first post in our German Breweries Series. Each post will focus on a different Brewery, covering the brewery’s products, location and history.

Kellerberg is today’s brewery. Kellerberg is a local brewery located in Aalen, a small city in Baden-Württemberg. Grounded in 1680, it has a pretty long history, and has been operating in Aalen for over 300 years. Part of the building was destroyed in a bombing run during 1945, but the brewery began rebuilding it the same year. Kellerberg brews several types of beer. The company website points out they have been brewing Pils since 1909, and they were one of the first in the area to brew Pils.

Here is a list of the Kellerberg Beers:
-Hefeweizen Dunkel
-Kristall Weizen
-Schwarzer Bock
-Rötter Privat
-Spion Bräu

I find it amazing that so many breweries in Germany are hundreds of years old. They have survived business cycles, the threat of being purchased by larger firms, wars, and in the case of Kellerberg, bombing runs. Compare that to a local brewery in my city, which boasts of being in operation since 1994!

For More information about Kellerberg, click here to visit the company website.