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Stuttgart is a beautiful city to visit, and I’m about to give you two reasons to make the trip to this fine city. They are the Stuttgarter Weindorf and Cannstatter Volksfest. Both of these festivals will begin in the coming weeks, so make your plans now!

Stuttgarter Weindorf

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This festival, starting on August 24th and lasting through September 4th, celebrates the regions local wines. It is an annual tradition, which takes place in the center of Stuttgart, started in 1976. This year will be the 35th celebration. Visitors can sample from over 500 different wines, such as riesling, schillerwein, and trollinger. Some of the over 100 stalls will feature Schwäbisch foods like maultaschen, Bubaspitzle, and Gaisburger Marsch.

They even have a Weindorf-app for the iPhone which provides parking information, and other information. Make your plans now, because you don’t want to miss the chance to experience the music, wine, food, and traditional costumes. For more information check out the official website.

Cannstatter Volksfest
This festival, which starts in late Septbember is similar to Oktoberfest. There are rides and attractions and a number of huge beer tents/halls. It lasts from September 23rd to October 10th, and this year’s festival will be the 193rd. The first festival was in 1818, which was less than a decade after the first Oktoberfest.

source: Wikipedia

The Oktoberfest in Munich is certainly more well-known internationally, but that makes the Cannstatter Volksfest a more attractive destination. At the Cannstatter Volksfest you can have an Oktoberfest-like experience without the hordes of international tourists. Also, if there aren’t as many international tourists, you could argue that the Cannstatter Volksfest is a more “authentic” German experience.

source: Wikipedia

The party is also known as Canstatter Wasen or just Wasen, and takes place in the city section of Bad Cannstatt. Here is a list of the featured breweries:

-Stuttgarter Hofbräu
-Dinkel Acker
-Schwaben Bräu

For more information, here is the English website. Remember to make your table reservations for inside a tent well in advance, otherwise you might have to wait outside in a long line to get in.

Stuttgart might be more well-known for being a car city – it is the headquarters for Porsche and Mercedes-Benz- but it also offers some great festivals to visit.

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