It can be difficult to find opportunities to practice your German language skills while living in the US, and without practice your language skills may slowly fade away. This post will be the first installment in a series taht will feature five resources to help you keep your German fresh. These resources give you the opportunity to practice and improve your reading, writing, and listening skills, even if you are alone.

Newspapers and Magazines
With a tablet, it is now easier than ever to subscribe to German magazines and newspapers if you don’t live in Germany. Tablet delivery of the magazine or newspaper is much quicker, and also costs less. With a Kindle or Ipad it is possible to subscribe to a variety of periodicals. Here are a few options.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
The Kindle edition of this paper, which comes out Monday through Saturday, can be ordered on the Amazon site for a monthly rate of $14.99 or for just $0.75 an issue. With an iPad or iPhone you can use the Kindle app to subscribe. It is actually much cheaper to subscribe to the Kindle edition through Amazon than through the Frankfurter Allgemeine website, where it costs 29.99 Euro a month for the electronic subscription. For more information about the Kindle subscription, here is the link to the Kindle offer.

Die Zeit
Die Zeit is also available for Kindle subscription. Released on a weekly basis, this newspaper has a monthly price of $7.99, and a single issue price of $2.99 for the current issue. Here is the link to the Kindle subscription offer. An app is also available for the iPad or iPhone (link).

Wirtschafts Woche
This weekly business magazine is available for Kindle at the same price as Die Zeit, $7.99 monthly and $2.99 for the current issue. Here is the link to the Kindle offer.

Handelsblatt is a business magazine released each day the markets are trading. With Kindle the monthly price is $14.99 and the single issue price is $1.25 for the current issue. Here is the link.

Der Spiegel
Der Spiegel is not available for Kindle, but this weekly news magazine can be ordered electronically with an iPad or iPhone. Using the iTunes-Store a single issue costs 3.99 Euro.

This weekly news magazine can be downloaded as an eMazaine to an iPad for varying rates depending on the subscription length (eMagazine price breakdown).

Apps can be downloaded to access Focus for both the iPhone and iPad.

Coming Next: Part 2: German Films